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There have been many interesting baby sign language articles and stories written by people examining the topic from every imaginable angle. There are those who believe that signing works great for children of all ages and there are others who think sign language should only be for the deaf. You have signing proponents who strongly advocate the use of pure ASL signs when teaching baby sign language, while others support a more laid back approach and feel babies benefit from signing no matter what method is used, especially since most babies will drop sign language once they begin speaking.

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Our goal with this section is to take an unbiased approach to the many theories that exist. We want to make this information available to any who wish to delve into the topic further and welcome informative articles, essays, and position papers from all sides pertaining to the subject of signing with babies and young children. We will reprint or post links to articles we find relevant here. If you have an article that you have written or know of one that would be of interest to our readers, please feel free to let us know by filling out the below contact us form. Click here to move past the Baby Sign Language Articles Table of Contents and go directly to the form. Once we receive your message, we will email you back with instructions on how to submit your article to us directly.

Baby Sign Language Articles Table of Contents

Using Sign Language with Toddlers
How many parents currently have a toddler going through the “terrible two’s” and wonder if there's anything out there that could help? Toddler sign language could be the answer you are looking for.

Why Choose ASL For Babies
Why should you choose to use signs from ASL with your baby? Here's why we think ASL for babies is best.

Lend a Hand: Communicating with Babies Through Sign Language
Outside link to an article written by Barbara Wexler

Using Sign to Facilitate Oral Language: Building a Case with Parents
Outside link to an article written by Shari Robertson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Using Sign Language and Fingerspelling to Facilitate Early Literacy
Outside link to an article written by Marilyn Edmunds and Debra Krupinski

Sign Language: Enhancing Language Development in Infants and Toddlers
Outside link to an article written by Heather Davidson



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