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Say Cheese! Cute sign language pictures of signing babies found here!

Who can resist pictures of babies? Nobody I know! The camera has a way of capturing their sweet perfection beautifully. What about photos of babies caught signing? Aren't pictures of babies signing remarkable to look at? It tickles me to no end each time I see a picture of a baby signing.

If you are anything like me, you also adore looking at pictures of little signers. Especially those of your own, right!? Who can blame you...

Which leads us to why we created this page. Here is where we will post page links to pictures of our own signing angel along with pictures generously contributed by you, our wonderful visitors.

So find that awesome picture of your baby signing, or grab your camera and start clicking away. This is the place for you to show off the precious signer in your life! Oh, and please be sure to tell us what word your baby is signing in the photo and include your baby's age. If there is a little story behind the photo, feel free to share that, too. You could end up with a BSLA page all your own if the story accompanying your photo is detailed enough!

Strike A Pose...Do you have an amazing picture of your baby caught in a sign language pose?

You do! Great...Want to share it here? We would LOVE to see it.

Haven't quite gotten around to capturing those precious signing moments on film? Then this is the perfect reason to whip out your camera and snap some sign language pictures of your little Cutie Patootie! Take some now then come back here and upload your favorites. We can't wait to see them!

Please note the maximum picture size is 800 x 600 so please reduce your photo before uploading if it is larger than that.

Give Your Picture a Title

baby sign language finish all done ALL DONE (finished), 12 months
baby sign language apple APPLE, 20 months
baby sign language bath BATH, 11 months
baby sign language dirty DIRTY, 20 months
baby sign language eat EAT, 12 months
baby sign language girl GIRL, 30 months
baby sign language gorilla GORILLA, 12 months
baby sign language hat HAT, 11 months
baby sign language helicopter HELICOPTER, 30 months
baby sign language hurt HURT, 20 months
baby sign language milk MILK, 20 months
baby sign language please PLEASE, 20 months
baby sign language cheese CHEESE, 22 months






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