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How To Generate Top Research Topic Ideas Of All Time

Many already know that starting to write is considered one of the most difficult tasks in the writing process. However, other than just putting your pen on paper, selecting a topic is even much harder. Sometimes, it might take ages to come up with one and your imagination can’t do anything about it. For this reason, we have compiled a list of top research topic ideas that you can quickly use for inspiration purposes.

We have gathered some of the untapped yet powerful ideas that you can equally turn the average pieces into amazing research papers. We are offering you the opportunity to figure out what a research paper is and how you can choose your most preferred working research topic easily.

For starters, you can produce a research topic right from scratch through a brainstorming exercise based on your experience and/or interests. Alternatively, you can generate one easily from inspirational sources such as news articles, trending topics, course materials, real-life experiences, among others.

Align it with your interests first

We understand how confusing it can get when it comes to choosing your research topic. If you have been given this freedom, it would be best if you start by aligning your interests firsts rather than sticking to the easiest topic that pops up in your mind. This way, you are guaranteed of creating and writing unique essays that will capture your teachers’ attention, impress them, and earn you more points.

Therefore, start by listing all your interests and leave no stone unturned. Afterward, split the ideas further into specific topics. Now that you have a refined list of possible topics, you can now start sorting them out and consider the ones that make a lot of sense.

Critically analyze through the given topic to examine how preferable it is for you to begin outlining it. To help you do this successfully, try using a different list of its pros and cons.

Countercheck information about the topic

If your research topic forms the skeleton of your research paper, then the rest of the information forms its soul and flesh. Therefore, before jumping to select a potential topic, just ensure that you have adequate information to discuss in the paper. Feel free to review the vast sources of information available both online and offline and remember to review them from a debatable side.

Before you even start interrogating your formulated research topic further, here are the main types of research topics that you should know about:

Descriptive – aims at comprehensively giving details about a certain subject target/phenomenon

Causal – explores the causal effects between variables

Comparative – weighs how similar or different two or more entities could be

Furthermore, here are some quick desirable features of a working research topic:

Has a specific and focused goal

Is original and unique

Has direct impact on the community

Should be relevant to the target audience

Must be time to spark more interest as well as a trend across emerging disciplines

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