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Interesting Topics To Write A Research Paper On: 25 Fresh Ideas

Writing a research paper takes commitment to the task and lots of effort. Finding an interesting topic for your assignment is a vital skill which you need to master. The following tips will help you select a great topic without a hitch.

Research Paper Topic Ideas: How to Choose a Right One

There are several techniques that students employ in order to select topics for their assignments. The most popular of them are brainstorming with your friends, building a mind diagram, and finding a list of sample research paper topics.

So, if you procrastinate and have no idea how to come up with a manageable topic, ask your friends for some assistance. You can also find great sample topics at your school writing center, local library, and online.

A List of 25 Fresh Ideas for Your Assignment

Using a sample topic is the easiest way to stop procrastinating and start working on your research paper, so check this list of fresh ideas to consider:

  1. What are the main reasons for local political scandals?
  2. How can college administration stop student cheating?
  3. What is the impact of a small business on your local community?
  4. How should local authorities provide more help to the citizens?
  5. Why do some cities have a poor transportation system?
  6. Do you agree that athletic reform is necessary?
  7. Why do some countries ban GMO’s?
  8. What practices of protecting livestock should be banned in the US?
  9. How to make your community more sustainable?
  10. What are the positive effects of plastic bag bans in different communities?
  11. How to reduce the water footprint of an average citizen of your area?
  12. Why is corporate advertising such an effective tool in creating stereotypes?
  13. How to decrease the dropout rate in developed countries?
  14. Why is it important to reduce child poverty in developing countries?
  15. At what age should children be able to decide how to spend their summer holidays?
  16. What are the key benefits of a free college education?
  17. How to create a safer working environment for women?
  18. In what ways do large companies use the data provided by individuals in social networks?
  19. How can social networks lower teen’s self-esteem?
  20. Why e-sports should not be recognized as college sports?
  21. Can the Bible be considered as a piece of literature?
  22. What is the role of traditions in modern society?
  23. What are the most popular public myths of genetics?
  24. How emotional stability is related to physical well-being?
  25. What are the foundations of corporate social responsibility?

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