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You are so lucky...you have a baby in your life!

Most days, life with your little one is incredible. You laugh, you play and you watch as she explores her world. Sometimes you see her smile for no apparent reason and you wonder what is going through her mind to make her do so.

Ah, but as we all know, not every moment with baby is quite so easy…

There inevitably comes those times when your baby is fussing and you simply cannot seem to figure out what he needs. You have checked the obvious….his belly is full, he is not thirsty, his diaper is clean, his clothes are soft and comfortable. What can it be, you ask yourself? Why does he continue to fuss so? Is he in pain? Does he want his blankie, his binky, his favorite stuffed bear? Holding him is not helping…He is whining, you are pointing and calling out everything you can think of to no avail. If only he could just tell you what he needs!

Well, guess what? There is a way to help your baby tell you what he needs. It is called Baby Sign Language and it is truly remarkable!

Did You Know...

Your baby can tell you what he needs without crying, whining or fussing?

Exactly what is baby sign language and why should I use it with my baby?

preschooler signing what WHAT is Baby Sign Language?

Sign language babies communicate with their caregivers using simple signing vocabulary all the time.

You can have a signing baby, too!

All you have to do is teach your baby a few signs and in no time at all, she will be able to tell you what she wants or needs without you having to play all those not-so-fun guessing games. Yea!

How we can help...

The Baby Sign Language Academy was created to help you go about learning how to use sign language with your baby should you decide to do so. We will help take the guess work out of using baby signs by explaining to you in simple terms what sign language for baby is, who it is for and what the benefits of sign language are. Through our site you can learn the best time to begin, how to get started and why it is a good idea to sign with toddlers and preschoolers. We can even help you find baby signing classes in your area if that is something you would like to do with your baby.

For our hearing parents and caregivers of deaf or hard of hearing babies, sign language for your exceptional little ones is particularly important, especially in their early years. Although the specialized information and early intervention resources you will need extend beyond the scope of this website, our Baby Sign Language for Deaf Children section (currently in development) will contain some practical and historical information about American Sign Language that may be of some interest to you. Be sure to check back often or, better yet, subscribe to our feed to get updated whenever new pages to this section become available.

Signing with babies does not cause speech delay; in fact, babies who sign generally begin speaking sooner and develop larger vocabularies than babies who do not sign.

Perhaps you are interested in signing with your baby but are worried that your baby’s speech will be delayed if you do. You can rest assured that signing does not interfere with speech and language development. In fact, the opposite is usually true; research shows that babies who sign tend to begin speaking sooner than their non-signing peers do. More useful information can be found in the Speech and Language Development section. Please explore that area of our site if you have any concerns about signing's effect on speech development.

baby sign language academy logoWe are growing...

The Baby Sign Language Academy is a perpetually growing site. One thing we are particularly excited to share with you is our BSLA TV and Video Section. This free online resource contains an interactive baby sign language dictionary demonstrating how to sign words that are most useful for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. The dictionary now contains over 500 signs and new words/signs are being added almost daily.


Don't forget to check back often to see all the latest updates! Better yet, subscribe to our feed and get notified whenever new pages are added!

There are so many excellent reasons to sign with your baby, toddler or preschooler. We are excited to be able to bring this information to you and strive to provide you with valuable and relevant content. We hope you will learn lots from this site and that it will quickly become on of your favorite sign language resources. We are here to serve you on your journey to signing with your baby. We hope you enjoy this site and that you will check back with us often. If you like, please subscribe to our feed and get notified as soon as new pages are added.

Have fun looking around our site and happy signing!

Table of Contents

Basic Baby Sign Language
Babies can understand language before they are able to speak. Armed with the knowledge of basic sign language, your little one can happily tell you what s/he needs.

Basic Words in Sign Language
By using a few basic words in sign language, your baby can communicate with you in more than just "baby talk!"

Learning Sign Language
Learning sign language for babies does not have to be a chore. It is actually easier than you may think to learn the sign with your baby. In fact, it’s almost as easy as moving your hands.

Signing With Infants, Toddlers & Beyond
Sign language for infants is not just for babies. Whether you have a newborn, infant, toddler, preschooler or young child, sign language is great for children of all ages!

Teach Your Baby Sign Language
It is easy to teach your baby to sign...Follow a few guiding principles and you and your baby will be signing together in no time!

Baby Sign Language Dictionary
An interactive sign language dictionary that is quick and easy to use.

Basic Sign Language
Basic sign language vocabulary for those who are interested in learning some helpful words and phrases that can be used to communicate with those who are d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Early Childhood Literacy
You are your child's first teacher. Reading AND Talking to your child paves the way for successful early childhood literacy.

Preschool Literacy
The quality of a child's preschool literacy plays a significant role in their later success with literacy and even school in general.

Speech and Language Development
A baby's first word is one of the most anticipated milestones. See how using sign language can help give your child a two to seven month head start with his/her speech and language development.

Baby Sign Language Articles
Read articles contributed by baby signing experts, professionals and caregivers or submit your article for consideration.

Baby Sign Language Research
The results of research conducted in studies over the past 25 years reveal multiple benefits of using sign language with hearing children.

Baby Sign Language Resources
Discover information and links to sign language resources that you might find useful as you go about your signing journey with your baby.

Find Baby Sign Language Classes
Find baby signing classes near you! Scroll down to your state to locate an instructor/teacher in your community.

Free Sign Language
Free Sign Language...Really?!! You read that correctly! This page is dedicated to directing you to sign languge resources that are FREE!

Free Toddler Activities
Here are some fun and free toddler activities to play and sign with your busy little one.

Learn Sign Language Online
Do you want to learn sign language but need to do it online? Check out some of these resources to learn sign language online.

Sign Language Classes
Learning to sign with your baby should be an activity you enjoy doing and sign language classes can make learning to sign with your baby fun!

Printable Sign Language...
BSLA's main printable sign language page. Here is where you can find an index of all the free sign language printables available for download on our website.


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